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Totalsports Black Friday Giveaway Competitons – Ts & Cs November 16, 2020

Terms & Conditions: Totalsports Black Friday 10 day countdown Giveaway Terms and Conditions   Instructions on how to enter form part of these Terms and Conditions. Entry into the competition for Totalsports Black Friday 10 day countdown Giveaway competitions (“Promotion”) is deemed to be acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. Read More

The Right Way To Use Your Heart-Rate Monitor! October 19, 2020

Becca Cotugno, 31, has always been a fast runner. At high school, she scored points for her athletics and cross-country teams; and now, as an adult, she regularly wins her age group or finishes in the top five of the women’s field. But unlike many amateur runners at Cotugno’s level,… Read More

6 Tips For Fuelling Before & During A Race October 19, 2020

When I first started practicing, my team of clients would say, “Just tell us what to eat and when.” My… Read More

6 Key Signs of Dehydration You Should Know About October 19, 2020

Much like running itself, hydrating is one of those things that should be simple. (It’s the most natural thing in… Read More

Top tips for beginner runners October 19, 2020

If you’ve just started running or are thinking about running, here are some tips to get you started – and… Read More

What you need to know about pronation October 19, 2020

You’ve probably heard the term, but why should you care? If you’re a runner who has ever seen a podiatrist… Read More

The importance of size when buying running shoes October 19, 2020

It’s not just about pronation… How well a shoe matches the length, width, and shape of your feet may actually… Read More

Five must-haves for dedicated runners this summer October 19, 2020

These items at Totalsports will improve your running and help you push further Many people choose running because it’s one… Read More

Run further, for less with Totalsports October 19, 2020

Is it time for another pair of running shoes but you’re shuddering at just the thought of what it might… Read More

Train hard, rest harder: How to maximize post-training recovery September 22, 2020

If you’ve been accompanying me on this training journey for the last few months, one of the key… Read More

Mind games: What to think about when you run September 15, 2020

One of the many beauties of running is there is no right or wrong way to do so… Read More

Ups and Downs: Mastering Hills September 8, 2020

What goes up must come down.  That’s the runner’s adage.  We tell ourselves this because we ‘negotiate’ with… Read More

Think fast: How mindset and motivation can help you unlock speed September 1, 2020

Every training session you do is an act of physical stress.  The idea being that you ‘stress’ the… Read More

Explaining pain: When you body speaks to you, how well do you listen? August 25, 2020

I’ve spoken many times in these articles about how important it is that you listen to your body,… Read More

Cheers! What Does That Post-Run Beer/Wine Do To My Training? August 18, 2020

Alcohol and Training If you read up about “the post-run routine”, you’ll see one word come up, over… Read More

Going it alone, or safety in numbers? How does training in a group affect my running? August 11, 2020

Group Running vs Running Alone Back in 1962, there was a film called The loneliness of… Read More

Cheat Meals and Training August 4, 2020

“Will my cheat meals undo my run?” First of all, you didn’t “cheat”.  I know, it’s trite to… Read More

Jersey Customization & Reflective Printing July 30, 2020

Make It Yours We are stepping up our game and extending our customization zone to more stores! But that’s not… Read More

The Little Things vs The Big Picture: Getting The Balance Right July 28, 2020

Finding The Balance In the pursuit of health and better performance, there are a hundred things you can… Read More

Running Better By Not Running July 21, 2020

Cross Training and The Benefit of Variety Practice makes perfect.  The idea is that if you want to… Read More

Sport Changes Lives | Phantane Run Club July 15, 2020

Phantane Run Club The Phantane Run Club started  in 2013 in Avoca Hills in KZN. The club currently has 76… Read More

Short, Sweet and Fast – Should You Be Doing High Intensity Interval Training July 14, 2020

High Intensity Interval Training The idea that we can train for a very short time, albeit very hard,… Read More

Does sleeping really improve your performance? July 7, 2020

Sleep and Recovery Sleep is the final frontier for performance.  Unfortunately, it’s also the final thing we often… Read More

Supplements and The Scientific Reality June 30, 2020

Do you need supplements? The scientific practical reality The supplement industry is built on a weird but potent… Read More

Unmasked: Is Exercising with a Mask Harmful, and How Can You Make The Best of The Situation? June 23, 2020

Masks and Exercising Let’s be blunt – it’s pretty unpleasant running in a mask.  The scientific term is… Read More

Nike Pegasus 37 Competition June 19, 2020

Promotional Competition Rules: The Pegasus 37  Competition: This promotional competition is organised by Foschini Retail Group (Pty) Ltd (registration number… Read More

Sneaker Lab Proudly Made In South Africa June 19, 2020

Prevent The Spread of Bacteria & Viruses: Did you know your shoes are one of the main sources of spreading… Read More

Get a Pair of asics Running Shoes with The Help of asics Ambassadors June 17, 2020

asics Running Tech Representatives Looking to get into running and need the perfect running shoe to clock the km’s in?… Read More

Overstretching: Do Runners Need To Stretch Their Muscles To Run? June 16, 2020

Overstretched? The conversation around stretching has evolved over time.  Growing up, my father ran religiously – six days… Read More

Walking the tightrope: Getting all the rewards from exercise, without the risks June 9, 2020

Health and Exercise There’s a campaign among specialists in health to classify exercise as a medicine. That’s because pretty… Read More

The Legacy of the Nike Pegasus, as told by Joan Benoit Samuelson June 5, 2020

Nike Pegasus 37 Introduced in 1983 as “the shoe for every runner,”… Read More

10 Mins a Day of Core Training Can Make a Better Runner June 2, 2020

Core Training Runners, if asked, will acknowledge that thanks to years of desk jobs, poor posture, and a general lack… Read More

adidas Home Team Hero Challenge May 29, 2020


How To Lose Fat And Gain Muscle At The Same Time, According To Experts May 27, 2020

Learning how to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time isn’t easy. But according to experts it can… Read More

Fitbit Charge 4 Competition May 26, 2020

Promotional Competition Rules: The fitbit charge 4  Competition: This promotional competition is organised by Foschini Retail Group (Pty) Ltd (registration… Read More

Fueling the Lockdown Engine May 26, 2020

There’s never a time where nutrition is not important as a ‘partner’ to your fitness and exercise goals. Read More

A Beginner’s Guide To Trail Running In Winter May 21, 2020

If you’re reading this, you’re probably asking yourself – is trail running for me? Well, if you’re a… Read More


Twelve years ago, laying on my back, after having just written off my motorcycle and unable… Read More

Managing Mindset to Navigate Training During Lockdown Levels May 19, 2020

These are exceptionally uncertain times.  Uncertain, because we don’t know when our normal routines will resume.  Uncertain, because… Read More

8 Trainer Tips To Get Abs And Keep Them May 19, 2020

If a sculpted stomach wasn’t already a fitness goal of yours, one look at Halle Berry’s… Read More

Tog Up and Kit Out Your Home with DOUBLE HealthyGear Rewards at Totalsports May 18, 2020

Vitality has made it easier for you to gear up on all the exercise essentials for you to lead an… Read More

4 Mental Tricks That’ll Push You Through A Long And Gruelling Run May 15, 2020

Reaching the end of a long run and seeing that you outdid your last pace and set a new… Read More

This Dynamic Routine Is The Perfect Way To Warm Up Before A Workout May 14, 2020

You probably already know that if you don’t warm up before your workout, you could be setting yourself up for… Read More

Exercise and The Immune Function with Ross Tucker May 12, 2020

Let’s begin by reminding ourselves of the one knowable truth in all this – exercise is beneficial.  In fact, in… Read More


I trained for four months to complete my basic military training with the SANDF. But when I started working… Read More

How To DIY A Circuit Training Workout At Home May 11, 2020

It’s easy to skip out on the gym when you’d only have 15 minutes to sweat before running out… Read More

#momentswithmom Mother’s Day Competition May 11, 2020

Mother’s Day Competition Let’s spread Mother’s day love and celebrate your mom! We are running a… Read More

EPOC Explained — The Science Behind Getting Your Bod To Burn More Calories Post-Exercise May 6, 2020

Sure, it takes time to see major payoffs from working out, whether you’re looking to build… Read More

Home Workouts That Will Improve Your Running April 27, 2020

Being a runner and being stuck at home is not ideal… To be honest, I’ve found it quite frustrating and… Read More

Stay Fit At Home With Our Latest Home Fit Program April 24, 2020

In unprecedented times it is important more than ever to look after our bodies and minds. To essentially be Home… Read More

This Totally Explosive Workout Will Help You Burn Fat In No Time At All April 21, 2020

Want a short cut to fat burning? Two words: progressive plyometrics. This total-body, abs-blasting workout from… Read More

6 Body-Weight Moves That Feel Like Child’s Play But Will Seriously Tone You Up! April 17, 2020

It’s hard to fit in a workout when you have kids. So here’s a hack: As the little ones get… Read More

5 Burpee Variations That’ll Finally Stop You Hatin’ On This Powerhouse Move April 12, 2020

“We love burpees,” said nobody, ever. When did these powerhouse moves become the least favourite child of… Read More

This Skipping Workout Will Tone Your Legs And Burn Major Kilojoules April 6, 2020

Want to tone up your legs? Fry fat? But also not prepared to fork out for a gym membership? Then… Read More

5 Mindful Eating Tips That Will Change Your Relationship With Food April 1, 2020

Photo by: Unsplash Hands up if you’ve ever eaten four portions of food without even realising it. It wasn’t really… Read More

How to Shop Totalsports Online April 1, 2020

Purchase your next workout outfit, running shoe, replica jersey and more with… Read More

20 Minute Cardio and Abs Home Workout March 30, 2020

  If strengthening and sculpting your core is what you’re after, you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to… Read More

Yoga Routine to Help Reduce Anxiety March 27, 2020

This restorative yoga routine is a healing practise for your body and mind. It will help to soothe anxiety and… Read More

SA Lockdown: What this means for Totalsports March 26, 2020

To our Totalsports family Our priority is keeping you safe, so we’re following government guidelines and closing our stores for… Read More

Gait Analysis Running March 5, 2020

Gait Analysis Ever wonder what running shoe is best suited for you? Find out your running style and which running… Read More

Tips to shop at Totalsports Black Friday November 25, 2019

Totalsports Black Friday One of the biggest and most exciting shopping days of the year is fast approaching in South… Read More

The Best Nike Running Shoes 2019 October 23, 2019

Nike Running Shoes Eluid Kipchoge broke the sub 2 hour marathon barrier in 1:59:40.2 in Vienna on the 12 October… Read More

5 Tips to Choosing The Best Trail Running Shoes October 18, 2019

Trail Running Shoes Are you a trail junkie or a beginner to the world of the rough terrains, pipe tracks… Read More

Totalsports Celebrates Women In Sports July 16, 2019

Totalsports celebrates women in sport this August. Hear their stories of perseverance, commitment to overcome obstacles and ultimately influencing others… Read More

Women’s race competition June 24, 2019

Together with Adidas — the official footwear and apparel sponsor of the Totalsports Women’s Race, we are offering all women… Read More

Pink Drive ready for a hat trick of victories at the Totalsports Women’s Race May 15, 2019

Taking place in three major cities, Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town on Friday, 09 August 2019 (National Women’s Day), the… Read More

Conquering the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon April 23, 2019

I overheard a couple of runners while passing through Muizenberg, that the Two Oceans Marathon should be called the Two… Read More

Road To Two Oceans Marathon 2019 – Nutrition Talk and Smoothie Recipe! March 26, 2019

The saying “What you put in, is what you get out” has never held more weight when you run a… Read More

Manal Rostom – Nike Running Coach & Surviving Hijab Founder March 19, 2019

“If you passion is strong enough, it will get you there” – Manal Rostom The Totalsports Runcrew had the privilege… Read More

Tamzin’s Top 10 Moves To Improve Your Running Speed March 11, 2019

Tamzin Thomas is a 100m and 200m track athlete who runs for South Africa. She also trains with her partner,… Read More

Road to Two Oceans 2019 March 8, 2019

In 7 weeks’ time, thousands of runners will be lining up for the 50th Two Oceans Ultra and Half Marathon. Read More

Asics redefines the long run with the launch of new energy saving shoe – metaride February 28, 2019

ASICS today turned the world of running on its head as it revealed a completely new concept in run efficiency,… Read More

Adidas running unveils the new ultraboost 19: most responsive ultraboost ever February 21, 2019

The new adidas Ultraboost 19 showcases the future of run ning, giving runners maximum energy return for a highly responsive… Read More

The big squeeze: what to pack for an overnight trail run September 13, 2018

Packing light for an endurance event can seem like an insurmountable challenge. From fluids to food and kit, here’s how… Read More

What does running do to your brain? September 13, 2018

Neuroscientists have studied treadmill runners, ultramarathon athletes – and a number of lab animals – to investigate the effects of… Read More

How was your weekend running? September 13, 2018

What do you reward yourself with when you get a PB, and does it motivate you to run faster? As… Read More

Why Ethiopia’s running success is about more than poverty and altitude September 13, 2018

The strong record of the country’s athletes is often attributed to these factors, but hard work, planning and creativity play… Read More

FitrWoman: the free app helping women train in tune with their menstrual cycle September 13, 2018

Exercise requirements, nutritional needs and injury risks fluctuate throughout every woman’s cycle. Now there is a simple way to track… Read More

How was your weekend running September 13, 2018

In Berlin’s Olympic stadium and on the streets for the marathon – what a weekend it has been. As always,… Read More

Reece Prescod: ‘Sometimes you just want to die, but you’ve got to keep going and keep running’ September 13, 2018

The UK’s top sprinter on smoked salmon before a session, his love of a good javelin competition and how his… Read More

How to wash your running kit September 13, 2018

At what temperature should you wash technical gear – and should you put your trainers in the machine? We put… Read More

Would more prize money make athletes run faster? September 13, 2018

Ultramarathons have never had big financial rewards. A trophy, a T-shirt and maybe some free trainers is considered a good… Read More

Ultra runner Kílian Jornet smashes Bob Graham endurance race record September 13, 2018

On a hot, sunny Sunday evening, the ultra running star shattered the Lake District record that had stood for 36… Read More

Run with Pride: get fit and make friends with the London Frontrunners September 13, 2018

Europe’s largest LGBT+ sports club provides a safe and welcoming environment – and members will be running the route of… Read More

Big is beautiful: the razzmatazz of the grand ultra September 13, 2018

Having only previously run low-key races, how would Adharanand Finn rise to the challenge of 120km in the Italian Dolomites?… Read More